Case Studies



AHMEDABAD - 380006


Waiting indefinitely in hospital queues for his turn had become a second nature to Jayantibhai around June 1998. Nagri Hospital, Parvatiben Hospital, and many more hospitals in Ahmedabad had been covered in his rounds for a better alternative. At every queue he had met patients with vision problems like himself. Since none of them had anything good to say about the doctors at their respective hospitals, Jayantibhai was thoroughly confused. All the doctors had advised a cataract operation for his eye, but Jayantibhai couldn't trust himself to any of them!

With the closing of Jupiter Mills in 1991, Jayantibhai had been rendered jobless. Due to the financial strain caused by this he had shifted his family from their flat at Bhimjipur to their current residence at Shahpur. This was a tiny one - room - kitchen house.

His family consisted of his mother, wife, two sons, a daughter and he himself. The women of the family did only the housework; so the household costs were met with the Rs.3-4000/- sent by his sons. They lived and worked with their maternal uncle at Nagpur.

In January 1999, when Jayantibhai's vision had further reduced, he consulted Dr Minakshiben Lala at Maniben Hospital. She confirmed that the cataract was mature and that an operation was advisable. Fortunately for him, his other co-patients gave him very positive reports about this hospital and the doctor. The general opinion was that Dr Minakshiben Lala operated upon the patients herself and that all her operations were successful. This boosted up Jayantibhai's confidence and he agreed to the operation.

On 29 January 1999 at 7 a.m., Dr Minakshiben Lala performed the operation using the phaco therapy. Since this did not involve any cut or stitch, merely half an hour later Jayantibhai felt as if he had never been operated upon.

The doctor and the compounder rendered excellent service, by explaining and clarifying all doubts. The eye drops too had been put at their regular intervals and in the right quantity. On the same day Jayantibhai was discharged at 12 in the noon.

The operation cost him Rs.4100/-. The employees of the hospital had given Jayantibhai information about SHARDA Trust's Medical Assistance Scheme. So, a couple of days after his operation he filled up the form as an unemployed sufferer of a closed mill.

He received his cheque within two months of applying to the Trust. What really appealed to him was that he got the money without having to run around for it!

Both Jayantibhai and his wife are immensely grateful for the timely help given to them by SHARDA Trust. Moreover, as they really have no income, this additional burden would have been very tough to bear. The couple also feels indebted to the Trust, as they had actually not expected to get any money.

While expressing their thankfulness, they also express the hope of getting this help once again when Jayantibhai goes in for his next cataract operation.