What does SHARDA Trust do?

Participants Speak
SHARDA Trust has based its strategy to help the urban poor on the premise that a family has five basic needs, listed below, and ranked according to their priority

1. Basic Physical Infrastructure comprising clean potable water at the door steps in adequate quantity at convenient hours, individual toilets, and hygienic surroundings,

2. Primary Health Care including prevention of major diseases, treatment of basic ailments,

3. Access to high quality Secondary and Tertiary Health Care,

4. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Skills (3Rs) for all, and

5. Skills and Abilities to compete in a highly competitive environment.

In fulfilling any needs, we make sure that we are either selecting different activities or performing the activities of yesteryears differently. In a nutshell, remaining different is the Trust's strategy. The Trust has decided to play important role in need no. 1,3 & 5. The logic behind Trust's decision is that there are many NGOs active in fulfilling needs 2 & 4 of urban poor.