Some Questions....
Society must help the poor to meet their basic needs, which on their own they can't. Improving the earning potential in our view is the only long-term solution. Following are few questions, which are of concern to all of us.
  1. What is India’s track record of providing a high and a rising standard of living for the majority of its citizens?
  2. Why has the nation failed in accomplishing this primary economic objective?
  3. How can the corporate sector work with the Indian government in ensuring that “the Indian nation's resources (labour and capital) are deployed with high and rising levels of productivity?”
  4. Do Indian social systems and customs act as an impediment in employing the national resources productively?
  5. Does SHARDA Trust’s experience in helping the urban poor to improve their incomes shed any light on these questions?

Are you equally concerned about these? Please share your views/ideas with us on this.