Participants Speak

We at SHARDA Trust believe in getting continuous feedback about our activities in order to make these more effective and efficient. To judge the effectiveness of our programmes, we requested the research wing of SEWA Bank to interview families of persons whom SHARDA Trust had provided help. The research wing from SEWA Bank has met a cross section of the persons who have received medical help from the Trust and persons who have participated in the Trust’s skill upgrading programmes. From these interviews, the SEWA bank researchers have elicited how the Trust administered the medical help and the skill-upgrading programmes. In addition, the researchers have helped the interviewees to articulate their views and feelings about the Trust’s programmes.

There are three reasons for our request to SEWA Bank for doing this study for us. The first reason is that the SEWA Bank team has an excellent rapport with the persons from the socio-economic background that our participants come from. Ability of the team to write simple and yet effective Gujarati, was the second reason. The third reason is that the SEWA bank enjoys a high degree of credibility.

How do changes in physical surroundings bring about changes in the way of life of a community-Author's View

This is what participants had to say about our programme-

Artiben ( Garment Operative Training Programme )

Krishnaben ( Garment Operative Training Programme )

Sitaben ( Garment Operative Training Programme )

Fuljibhai ( Driver's Training Programme)

Rameshbhai ( Driver's Training Programme)

Gajanan ( Driver's Training Programme)

Maganbhai ( Medical Help Programme )

Jayantibhai ( Medical Help Programme )

Interviews of Two Women Residents of Sanjay Nagar